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Customer Support Training

CS Team Lead

Eric Svendsen

The Customer-Support Team Lead position wears two hats. You're probably doing much of the same job as a support specialist, but with added leadership responsibilities. But keep in mind that while being very good at the support specialist role is likely how you got the job, it's not how you do the job. There are added responsibilities of leading and modeling a service culture, managing customer care, being the point of customer escalation, leading and developing a team of people, and coaching their performance and behaviors. This course will prepare you for your dual role as a support specialist and as a leader.

You’ll learn . . .
• best practices for the call-handling process and service management
• how to deal with difficult customer-service situations
• how to enhance your personal and professional competencies
• how to manage customer expectations
• the importance of working as an active team member
• how to work ethically, productively and with confidence
• the importance of creating and managing a service culture
• what's required to lead a team
• the four temperament types, and how they impact communication and behavior
• how to coach performance and behaviors in a high-performance culture

Who Should Attend?
This course is recommended for team leads and supervisors of support teams, call centers, help desks and service desks who want to develop their knowledge and skills for delivering world-class customer support.

Important Note: If you have already attended our Tier-1 Support Specialist class or our Customer Support Agent class, you are eligible to enroll into our abridged Team Lead class instead. The enrollment free for the abridged class is $595 and can be accessed at this link:

Customer-Support Team Lead Course Outline:

Essential Support Skills

  • Introduction to the Support Industry
  • Understanding Customer Satisfaction
  • Telephone Communication Skills
  • Call-Handling Process
  • Dealing With Difficult Customer Situations
  • Developing and Practicing Assertiveness in Customer Support
  • Human Resource Issues in the Support Environment
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Team Building
  • Measuring Success
  • Process Integration

Essential Leadership Skills

  • Managing Customer Care
  • Customer Care Toolbox
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Leadership Toolbox
  • Understanding Communication and Behavior
  • Creating and Developing Your Team
  • Coaching Performance and Behaviors


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

CSTL Completion Certificate
CSTL Knowledge Certification
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