Check out our online class demos!

Demos grant you full access to a single unit of the class.  If you would like the ability to go beyond that, please scroll down to learn about our Trial Enrollments.  Class demos include our Certified Tier-1 Support Specialist (CT1SS) class, our Certified Support Operations Manager (CSOM) class, and our Certified Customer Support Agent (CCSA) class. Log in using the following credentials:

Customer Support Agent Demo
username: csa-demo
password: csa-demo

Tier-1 Support Specialist Demo
username: t1ss-demo
password: t1ss-demo

Support Operations Manager Demo
username: som-demo
password: som-demo

Enroll in a class for free with our Trial Enrollments!

Trial Enrollments are different from class demos in that you are enrolled into the full class for a limited time.  This lets you enjoy the same online classroom experience as a fully registered student.  After a set number of days the enrollment will expire automatically.  If you desire to continue the class at that time, please make arrangements with the instructor. 

To sign up for a trial enrollment, return to the main portal page.  Then click the Free Trial box and enter one of the folowing access codes below.  Then complete the registration profile, and you're done!

Access Codes

Tier-1 Support Specialist Certification Class = NYBK-JJDB

"From Compliance to Culture": Safety-Leadership WorkshopGVLT-FBXP

Others to be added soon