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Customer Support Training

Support Ops Manager (SOM)

Eric Svendsen

Customer-Support and Technical-Support organizations are often the sole connection between the company (or, IT department) and the customer. Managers and supervisors in these departments are often under the gun to maintain both customer loyalty and good working relations with departments that support their effort. Support Operations Manager training will ensure you are up for the challenge.

You’ll learn . . .
• the importance of a customer-service culture and how to create it in your team
• how move from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty
• how to set goals as a manager or supervisor and help your team with theirs
• what’s important for your team to know and be trained on
• how to design and build your business infrastructure
• the importance of call-flow, call-scripts and mindset in a customer culture
• how to become a leader instead of just a manger
• the six leadership styles and how to use each one situationally
• what motivates your team members individually and how to keep them happy on the job
• how to measure your team’s performance and coach them to new levels of achievement

Who Should Attend?
This course is the pathway for attaining SPC Support Operations Manager (SOM) Certification and is recommended for managers and supervisors over any type of customer- or technical-support function, including support desks, help desks, service desks, contact centers, and call centers.

COURSE DEMO: to view the demo for this class, log in above using the userID som-demo and the password som-demo.

Support Operations Manager Outline

I.     Managing customer care
II.    Customer care toolbox
III.   Understanding leadership
IV.   Leadership toolbox
V.    Understanding communication and behavior
VI.   Communication toolbox
VII.  Creating and developing your team
VIII.  Measuring your team's performance
IX.    Coaching performance and behaviors
X.    Managing core support process
XI.    Managing support technologies


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

SOM Completion Certificate
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